"Thank you, Chen Lao"

"Don’t be polite to me. If you are approved to be an external professor, you can teach those little dolls well."
With that, Dean Chen sighed again. "Alas, you shouldn’t have agreed to join the army and go to the General Hospital at that time, otherwise it wouldn’t be so troublesome."
Li Chu can’t answer this. He can touch his nose in embarrassment.
"That’s all. I’m leaving."
Jeep, Li Chu wakes up from his memory.
To tell the truth, he is very willing to be a teacher to teach students, but he has too many things to do at present and feels a little overwhelmed.
In particular, the health care team and the audit Committee were better in the first three quarters, and there was nothing wrong with the audit Committee, but in the fourth quarter, he wanted to split in half alone
Alas, if he goes on like this, his crazy mind will turn and the car will have come to the general hospital.
He didn’t have a car when he got to the administration building, but he saw Zhang coming towards him quickly again.
It depends. This building is not going today.
Sure enough, as soon as master Zhang comes over, tell him that the nursing home has invited him over there.
Well, I don’t know which old chief is not feeling well again
In the first few years in the health care group, he almost went to duty every week, and no one would take the initiative to ask him to recuperate when he was on duty.
However, since more and more people knew that Wang Shu was recuperated by him, the old leaders who knew Wang Shu’s former physical condition called Li Chu by name.
The key is that these people are all old, and they are all old children’s personalities. You have to coax them to drink a medicine like poison. The key is that he can’t afford to offend these people.
Lunch is always eaten in nursing homes.
I went back to the general hospital in the afternoon, and the day was almost over. This was the first time I entered the office.
Ass haven’t sit hot, and was now also outpatient clinic Lin Sanshou called to come over.
"ShiShu this afternoon why don’t you go back to rest? The body is important! "
Into Lin Sanshou clinic looking at nearly ten ShiShu Li Chu some could not help but complain about 1.
"Hehe, it’s okay. My physical condition. I know that it’s really good for you to give those drugs."
Li Chu sat in front of Lin Sanshou’s desk and looked at thin ShiShu secretly sighed.
Half a year ago, his wife died of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage. Uncle Shi felt that he had been a doctor for a generation, but he couldn’t even save his wife’s life. At that time, if it wasn’t for Li Chu’s black conditioning, Lin Sanshou might have followed.
It’s only five months later that it’s almost the same.
Later, Li Chu saw that he was really not suitable for staying at home, so he suggested coming to the hospital for an outpatient clinic to give out light and fever, so that he could find something for the old man to do and let him change his mood.
Don’t say the effect is good, at least the old man looks much better than a month ago.
"Uncle Shi, why did you ask me to come here?"
"I want to ask you about someone."
"Who do you think I know?"
"Wang Jiayuan is your niece, isn’t she?"
"Yes ShiShu how do you know? And why do you ask Yuanyuan? " Li Chu is now full of question marks.
"Er … that’s right." Lin Sanshou put his desk and rubbed his hands with each other as if he didn’t know what to say.
What’s the situation?
Li Chu looked at Lin Sanshou’s expression and wondered more. Will the old man be embarrassed?
"What is it, Uncle? Do you have anything to say to me?"
Lin Sanshou is right when he thinks about it. This is his nephew. Just say what you should say.
"All right, I’ll get this straight. Wang Jiayuan is talking to my grandson Linli now."
"Shua" Li Chu got up and looked at Lin Sanshou strangely. "Is uncle Yuanyuan your grandson?"
"Yes, it’s my youngest child. You should have seen it when your aunt was not there."
It’s really a coincidence that Li Chu sat back in his chair with a frown and recalled the scenes in his mind.
"Uncle Shi, if I remember correctly, your little grandson is in the agricultural bureau class, right?"
"Your little memory is really good, and you can remember it once you see it."
Li Chu looked at Lin Sanshou with some Gherardini. "Martial Uncle, don’t wear a top hat for me. Just say it."
"Hey, you little brat, if it weren’t for my grandson’s marriage, what would I have done to you?"
Seeing that Li Chu didn’t pick him up, he looked at his Lin Sanshou and said that "the two children were classmates before they were introduced."
"Well," Li Chu nodded. "I know my sister told me about this."
"Actually, I have children and your sister’s family. Although they are parents, they have not officially met, but they all agree. However, Jiayuan told me that it is necessary for you to agree with them when you are an uncle."
Hmm? Li Chu didn’t expect this niece to put him in the front.

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