"Don’t mention it, senior. How could you see this bronze sword doorway if you weren’t so sharp-eyed that I was a fledgling teenager?" I walked over to him. "This object is for business. We can’t break the rules because of friendship, don’t you think?"

"Well …" He reluctantly said, "Since both Lu Ye and Xiao Lin Ye said so, I’ll take it." He took the money and handed it to me. "Xiao Lin Ye, take this and buy some tea!"
"Don’t lie!" I quickly declined, "How can I be respected by you as a junior? You’re not folding me. Take it back quickly. You can’t always show it outside. "
He sighed with emotion. "Well, Mr. Kobayashi, we can agree that when you are done with this, we must sit down. It’s my treat, don’t you think!"
Three yes nodded. "Well, that’s settled, Lin Zhuo. You and Ye Huan have to go."
"ok!" I said, "Well, let’s do this today. Let’s go to work first. What about you? Let’s talk about it later when we sit together."
"Good things matter, then you should hurry to get busy." He fuels again. "There really is a fate today. Wait for me. Hahaha … Let’s talk about it tomorrow!"
On the way back, I said little. Third Master looked at me several times and hesitated for a long time. After that, he finally couldn’t hold back, "Lin Zhuo, what’s the matter with the ancient road and peony red?"
"This ancient Taoist met Peony Red when he was working for someone five years ago, and she was arrested at that time," I said. "He tried to resolve Peony Red’s resentment and help her to re-enter the reincarnation, but it didn’t seem to succeed. I said that he was a friend of Peony Red to make you understand the reality. I mean, they have dealt with each other."
"So that’s it." Third Master nodded. "Lin Zhuo, how can you work out everything? This is amazing."
"It’s not my God. It’s all an act of God." I smiled. "Don’t worry, third brother. With this bronze sword, we’re halfway through this."
"That’s good, that’s good …" Three yes relieved.
Ye Huan looked at me quietly for a long time and then turned to look out of the window and smiled.
"What are you thinking?" I asked
"You are much more mature than me," she said softly. "I can feel at ease with you …"
47 Breaking Peach Blossom
When we arrived at the company, everything was running as usual here. People were busy as usual, and when Ye Huan and I arrived, some sensitive people immediately realized something. For example, I used to belong to Xiao Gao.
"Is Ringo busy?" He grabbed me and asked quietly
"Oh, it’s okay. Come and see Third Master." I said, "Don’t guess."
The third master frowned. "What do you mean by high obedience?"
"Oh, don’t worry, I’m just asking." Gao hurriedly smiled apologetically. "You said that as soon as I saw Ringo, I remembered Li’s incident. Hey, hey, don’t mind."
Employees and bosses of media companies are not so estranged that they dare to ask me such taboo questions in front of Third Master.
"Third brother, you and Ye Huan go first, and I’ll talk to Gao," I said.
Third master said nothing, turned around and walked with Ye Huan first.
Gao relieved "hey, what happened to Ringo’s third child? I said that I always feel that the gas field in the company is wrong recently. "
This circle is like this. People can name nouns and decorate a facade if they know it well or not.
"Oh, the gas field is wrong?" I glanced at him. "I don’t think it’s right for you to be stingy. Fortunately, the third master is happy today and won’t care if you change your usual job?"
"ah? No, "he looked at the back of the third master." Isn’t it just a mouthful of Li Xiaoning? "
"You can do whatever you want in the company, but you can’t do anything evil, especially in front of the boss." My novel "Are you out of your mind?"
"This ….." Gao Cong looked at me blankly. "Brother Ringo believes this. Is it all right?"
"It’s because the third master believes in this place that you can’t!" I eased my tone. "Besides, I just came to chat with the third master. It’s nothing else. Don’t mess with the gossip. If the third master hears it, you can pack up and leave."
He nodded quickly. "I understand Ringo, don’t worry. Then go quickly. I’ll go to work first!" "
Gao Cong is a wise man. With this exhortation, it’s hard to say for others. At least he won’t go back and talk nonsense. Since the Li Xiaoning incident, the company has known my new identity. According to the characteristics of this industry, I’m afraid this matter has already become old news in the Beijing media circle.
Because of this, I was labeled. It seems that when I came to the company, it indicated that the third master was in trouble. This event is quite special. If I haven’t started to run the company, people in the company will be impetuous and will interfere with things to some extent. Before I do anything, I’d better look around as an old colleague and say a few words with everyone, so everyone will not be worried.
This world is often more hidden, more mysterious and more smeared, and it is darker and more generous. In the face of that mystery, people can also treat it normally.
I first went to the human resources department and talked with Lao Cao, then went to the TV program department for a walk, and finally came to the production department. Brother Wei didn’t work as usual, so I came to the work area and knocked on the door.
When everyone saw me coming, they all let go of their work, except Du Xiaoyu.
"Brother Lin, what brings you here?" Colleague Xiao Chen excitedly came to hold me. "Come and come, why are you sitting outside?"
"No," I smiled. "The production department is a confidential department. Now I’m an outsider. I can’t just walk in. I’ll find a way to run an errand and come and see everyone. You should be busy. Don’t leave your work at hand. I’ll leave without saying hello."
"Look at you, how can you be an outsider?" Xiao Chen doesn’t like to hear it. "Do you talk about Ringo as an outsider?"
"It’s not Ringo, it’s our head!" Everyone said, "You will always be our boss!"
I am very touched. "Thank you. Don’t say that your boss is Brother Wei. Don’t say that I am not from the company now, that is, I am also the second child at this time."

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