Two heavy and sturdy wooden doors are isolated from the high-walled gatehouse. The monarch mansion, which was once subjected to fire and fire, has recovered its past glory, and this winding cloister protects the embroidered building. It is as noble and reserved as the Nine Immortals. At this time, the longevity monarch Zhu Xiuchang is hugged by a man with his hands around his neck and giggled.

In the cold winter, water turns into ice, but this small embroidered room is warm as spring. Even ordinary housewives will not be so affectionate with their husbands in this era. This side belongs to two people’s private world, so being close is even more presumptuous, and nothing will make them enjoy themselves.
A few dry coughs like Fairy ruined the charming atmosphere of the two people. Seeing that she put the fruit bowl and tea on the table heavily, Zhu Xiuchang smiled. "Sister Fairy, this is dry vinegar. It’s also true that these days, she is waiting for this bad thing like me, but it’s not surprising that she still has to wait for you."
Such as fairy pei a stick Yang Chengzu sat, "I don’t care about you, but you have a body but you can’t make a fuss. At most, it’s just scratching your boots and getting yourself angry. You’d better stop."
"I’m glad you can’t manage it." Zhu Xiuchang glanced at her and then pointed her finger at her face. "Although I can’t accompany you here and here, they are all idle and can wait on you. Anyway, you don’t want to go back to your women. Stay with me today and listen to whether our baby kicks me."
Yang Chengzu looked at her abdomen and shook his head. "It’s too early now. It’s not until the day. I still can’t feel it. I can hear it naturally when the day comes."
"I’m afraid you won’t be able to settle down at that time. Listen while you are. I’m afraid you’ll have been in Beijing by the time the baby is born, won’t you?" Zhu Xiuchang looked out of the window and smiled gently. "As you said, Anlu, Wan Muchun, in front of the sick tree, has indeed regained its vitality. As if the chaos last year had never happened, Anlu is still like the Anlu in the past. Everyone still enjoys their own days, and the rich and the poor can’t go to the well. Everything has not changed. Firecrackers and fireworks still have a strong ability to forget the pain."
"Actually, it’s better to remember what’s not on your mind and it doesn’t make sense. It’s better to remember what’s on your mind instead. Isn’t it better to be prosperous and full of energy than to mourn those dead or victims in painful memories?"
"This is also inseparable from your credit. If it weren’t for your words and theatrical troupes this year, Anlu doesn’t know how many people will die more. There are few women who can’t live. Now there are more ways to live. In the future, I don’t know if you can sing your drama to the capital. If those court officials are popular in listening to this drama, it will be worth your money to train the troupe. Yang Tinghe claims to be clean, but his troupe is said to have broken more than a thousand taels of silver. This is still an honest official. You can eat and wear it simply by teaching and cultivating the drama."
"Jingshi, this goal is too far away, and I don’t know if I can do it now. Maybe when the baby is born, I can watch it and hold your hand. You can cheer up."
Zhu Xiuchang hit his hand gently. "Shut up and don’t give me any expectations, so my disappointment will be more serious. I actually had this dream. You sat next to me and took my hand when I gave birth. I shouted," Come on, I heard that when your Miao family gave birth, you didn’t even talk about taboos, and you almost killed the stable woman. When I heard this news, I was both jealous and envious. I really hope it was me, but I know that it was just a dream. You must be next to your younger brother in Beijing. He made suggestions to shelter from the wind and rain, and it is absolutely impossible to settle down
"It’s too early for you to say this. The situation may not be so fast."
"Don’t lie to me. I’m not confused. Besides, I’ve been active in these news. I can’t hide it from my family for long. In the capital, my network or our Anlu network has been playing a lot of news. If you come back to do business through fast horses, you have to be alert and alert. Who doesn’t come up with a solution?"
Zhengde’s physical problems are also on people’s minds here in Anlu. After all, Zhu Houzong is a pro-Francisco heir, and once anything happens, he has great hopes of succession. No matter what the problem is, the goal of Anlu’s forces is to make the world an emperor, so the gentry and strongmen in Anlu can profit from it.
It is also for this reason that Anlu Jingshi shared channels for the first time, and each other made up for Taiwan, which has never been experienced before. It is precisely this degree of cooperation that makes the information delivery efficiency high and all kinds of trends in the Jingshi are moving in the direction of Anlu at the fastest speed in this era.
For a person like Zhu Xiuchang, you can’t give her peace of mind to raise a baby. Even if she is inconvenient to come forward, her business is still firmly in her hands, and the news in Beijing has also fallen into her hands for summary analysis.
"From my hand, long live, even if it won’t last long. He has no descendants. My brother is a pro-Francisco. Once he really gets there, my brother is sure to inherit the whole Anlu people. If Anlu people can join hands to do one thing, I’m afraid that’s it. This is a gamble. People here in Anlu have already paid attention to whether Xing Wangfu can win or not. Speaking of it, you are also a person in this gamble. If my younger brother wins, I will guarantee that you will enjoy wealth all your life. I want you to help my brother and help him win this country back.
Chapter five hundred and sixteen QunLong who is Jiangshan (6)
"Winning Jiangshan is a difficult topic … but it’s my child’s mother’s topic. I’m willing to do it." Yang Chengzu said as she stretched out her hand and held it in her arms. "Sister Xian, say what you like and just win it back together. It’s never harder than this. It’s no big deal for you."
"I am content to have everything I have today. What else do you want?" Ruxian smiled and snuggled up to Yang Chengzu. She was a clever woman who knew when to coquetry and when not to increase the pressure on men.
"I should be satisfied if I can lend my belly to the monarch. He can’t care about anything, but what does this have to do with us women? I think it’s good now. If Seung Zu really joins the court, I don’t think it’s easy to meet like this. I’ve seen those officials have too many things to deal with every day, and there is too little time left for their families. Compared with that, I’d rather he accompany us more and spend less time with us. "
She said this, Tan Kou crossed the fragrant tea mouth to mouth, and relatively fed the tea to Yang Chengzu’s mouth. Zhu Xiuchang followed suit and took a sip of tea, pointing to his mouth, waiting for Yang Chengzu to drink this beautiful fragrance to Zhu Xiuchang only way.
"You when I don’t know? I’ve seen more officials than you, and naturally I know that men don’t spend so much time with their women when they become officials. I understand this truth, but there are some things that you can’t understand and you can hide from me. I have such a husband, but I also have a younger brother. Besides, in this situation, Anlu has already made a note that we can gamble without this game. "
"Anlu people have already noted? Have they done something other than share information and socializing with each other? "
"You still ask? Dare to say that there is no blame for you? " Zhu Xiuchang’s evil deeds threatened, but he was soon teased by Yang Chengzu, blushing and repeatedly asking for forgiveness. "Well, don’t make trouble with you. You said that you helped to get something from the security here? On the surface, it seems impartial, but in fact, it is trying to make people think that my brother is a loser. "
Yang Chengzu kissed her face. "I didn’t expect this idea of mine to be kept from you after all. It’s one of our own anyway. He will certainly help, but to tell the truth, I can influence Wang Li. Huguang Jinyi Thousand Institute must have a visit to those people in Anlu, so it’s not convenient for me to influence them."
"The influence of those people is exerted by the aristocratic families here in Anlu for you." Zhu Xiuchang tells what she knows. "Take Sun Jiao in Beijing as an example. Although he is an official, the influence is still in Beijing. There are his relatives, friends, old brothers and proteges in the province. These people have a lot of energy. When we got the news in Beijing, he also helped a lot. Put some pressure on several royal guards and report it to our own liking. It is not a big deal for him."
"So Sun Weng saw what I was going to do?"
"That’s not necessarily, but he has confidence in you and knows that you can’t do anything, so he will cooperate with you. What do you say? He will let people report whether they see what you mean. I don’t think he may see it so far. Besides, the younger brother feels really like it. Maybe Sun Jiao seems that he is a loser."
Such as fairy, some worry about another problem. "If the world can succeed the big position, it is naturally a good thing, but long live the country hand who is still too hospital at this time. I don’t know how many if there is a wonderful medicine to get sick, in addition to this kind of thing, it will be in trouble in the future." Are you too anxious? I have advised the monarch these days, but I can’t persuade Chengzu. Please help me to persuade him. "
"Fairy elder sister, it’s really not early. If you really wait until long live the big bank, you’ll lose the first hand. It’s not just us. I think a lot of San Francisco kings are now active, but everyone has different ideas and different means. You don’t want to forget about curing too much. Do you have this kind of means? Even if you have it, you can’t come out and say that you are driving back to Beijing from Nanjing. Can’t you still see it? They don’t have the courage to kill the king directly, but they never lack such small courage. It is impossible to recover. "
Zhu Xiuchang’s smile faded gradually. The thought that her brother might face such a group of ministers in the near future also made her feel that the throne was not so comfortable. "It was reported from Beijing that Yang Xindu asked him to preside over the ceremony of offering sacrifices to heaven for a long time. This man is still ill but wants him to preside over the ceremony of offering sacrifices to heaven. What is this not intentional killing?"
"This ….. don’t the queen mother there also regardless of a tube?" Ruxian was quite surprised that this kind of trick would be filled with incense. I didn’t expect to face this kind of intrigue and harm like the Nine Five Statues of the Deep Palace. It was quite unbelievable.
Yang Chengzu said, "I don’t think the Empress Dowager can manage anything over there, or has reached some kind of tacit understanding. After all, the Zhang clan’s Ding Kou takes up more things. Once it’s a big day, they need the shelter of the Pavilion to continue to enjoy wealth. Moreover, the Empress Dowager also has her own selfishness. If she helps to set up a young master, she may be able to follow the example of the Empress Dowager Liu and the Empress Dowager Gao."
"If it is, I’d rather have a son and absolutely don’t want any handle." Although the coal stove and earthworm are burning in the room, I still feel that my blood will be frozen and my body will tremble slightly and hold on to Yang Chengzu’s hand.
Zhu Xiuchang’s heart was not happy when she thought that the high-spirited etiquette day was about to turn into a cold corpse. She said with a wry smile, "If I were the queen mother, I would definitely kill all these ministers. Besides, it’s a pity that the big queens are from poor families. The mother family has no power. Jianchanghou and Shouninghou, no matter how domineering they are, are all a virtual fire. They can’t fight with those well-rooted civilian roots. What can we do but compromise?"
"It’s not just a compromise," Yang Chengzu said. "I talked to the doctor in Wangfu, a good doctor’s office. I don’t want you to take medicine to cure the disease, but I want to make sure that you are safe and secure. No matter where you go, you can’t tell the problem. This kind of square medicine can’t cure the dead, but it’s hard to cure a serious illness. Long live the horse and bow physique. This medicine has nothing to do except make him suffer more."
He got up and went to the window to look at the direction of the capital, but Liu Wuer appeared in front of him. "I’m afraid I can’t help you this time, but you can rest assured that I will protect you for weeks when I enter Beijing, so that no one will hurt you."
Chapter five hundred and seventeen The dragons take the throne, Jiangshan who belongs to (7)
Jingshi Forbidden City hall of mental cultivation
Although it is the Spring Festival, the Forbidden City is lifeless, and there is no festive atmosphere. Zhengdetian is a person who likes to be lively and playful. At first, he thought about setting off fireworks in the Forbidden City. If it was not stopped by the ministers, perhaps this huge palace group would have disappeared into the sea of fire. In previous years, the hustle and bustle of festivals formed a fresh contrast with today’s tranquility.
It’s not only a bad day, but also a bad celebration. Every maid-in-waiting eunuch who passes by here is extra careful to tread lightly for fear of making a little noise and causing fatal disaster. It’s getting late, the lights in the Qing Palace are flickering, the candlelight is dim, and from time to time there is a heartbreaking cough.
In the past, he was as healthy as a cow, but now his face is yellow and his lips are as white as paper. After coughing, his eyes are full of blood, and he always spits out thick sputum. Liu Wuer lies beside him with a gentle handkerchief to wipe off the traces of his mouth and wait for a new handkerchief.
An eunuch took the medicine and carefully said, "Long live Grandpa, it’s time for medicine."
Looking at the medicine bowl, Zhengde couldn’t help but frown for half a day before he had the strength to say, "How is there more medicine today than yesterday? Didn’t I say that I don’t want to drink this medicine? I want to see those Tibetan monks Shaolin Luohan. They all have good elixirs to eat, so I can get well. "
The eunuch stepped back two steps, but still held high the medicine bowl. "This is a new prescription for curing too much. Long live the dragon body and you will recover. Please read it quickly."
"You …" Zhengde seemed to want to say something, but a violent cough turned back everything behind him. Even anger became a luxury. Seeing Zhengde’s red face, Liu Wuer took the medicine bowl and winked at the eunuch. The little eunuch turned around and slipped out.
Liu Wuer put the medicine bowl in a few slaps, and an old eunuch appeared from the corner like a shadow. Liu Wuer made a gesture, "Don’t let him appear again if you don’t have the vision to see the handmaiden."
"Handmaiden white" The old eunuch disappeared in three or two steps in the darkness as if he had never seen Liu Wuer and gently patted Zhengde in the middle of the back to appease the way
"Husband, it’s not worth waiting for such a mean handmaiden to get angry. Let’s set up the rules in the palace well. It’s important to clean up as many handmaiden eyes as you like."
Zhengde coughed for a while, and then this breath came out. "Five sons or … or you are the best for me, but it’s not even my turn to set me up. When I left the capital for too long this time, I lived in a leopard room. There are so few caring people in the palace. I’m afraid I’ll never find a confidant after this dry and clean palace."
"Husband, what do you call this? These handmaiden are all your people. You want them to be born and let them die, but it’s just a temporary loss of discipline and rules. After a few days, when you are well, you can teach them slowly. Aren’t you even driving away the queen? What can’t be cured by just a few handmaiden? "
Zhengde’s body is not suitable for living in the leopard room again. As soon as she got back to Beijing, Liu Wuer, a woman who doesn’t even have a birthright, supposedly can’t enter the dry Qing Palace to serve the Queen Xia. These foxes who are on intimate terms with her husband have already hated it. Naturally, they are not allowed to get close to the sky. I thought about simply disposing of these women before the emperor was seriously ill.
However, such a plan is just right and almost crazy against it. Even in the middle of a serious illness, the Queen Xia is still trying to resist the queen’s hiding her face and crying out. After that, she will pray in her palace and never show up. Everyone knows that at this point, the last couple’s mutual affection has been exhausted. The Queen has completely given up on the emperor.
Liu Wuer, Wang Mantang and other civilian women have to enter the palace to wait on the driver because they don’t know the rules. They are used to being killed by Zhang Taihou for violating taboos. Several other women are terrified and dare not enter the palace to serve, but Liu Wuer, Wang Mantang and Ma Shi are just three people.
Small dry Qing Palace is a world of its own. Others dare not come here to arrest people. Zhang Yong, Gu Da and other trusted eunuchs also mobilized their active forces to dry Qing Palace and added layers of guards. Most of the masters in the whole palace are invisible to this dry Qing Palace, silently guarding the supreme leader of the empire.
Zhengde sighed, "I can get rid of Xia Shi and get rid of an invisible handmaiden, but what does it matter?" What about those holy monks in Uszang and those Shaolin arhats? I told them to come to see me long ago, but I can’t see anyone. Tell me who they are, Wuer. "
Liu Liangnv was silent for a moment, and then a smile appeared on his face. "Long live those eminent monks, Lohan! You are praying outside. Don’t worry, I’ll take you to see them when you are well, okay?"
"Five son you also cheat me, right? Those holy monks and arhats are probably no longer in the capital, right? At the beginning, Yang Tinghe and them opposed my association with these monks, but at that time, I was still able to take care of things. They dared not be too presumptuous to show my body. I’m afraid that the monk Lohan was driven out of the capital by them? "
"Long live to see Wan Li’s concubine, I dare not hide it, but if you are in good health, those holy monks Lohan can be recruited again, just to let them spend more time on the road."
"Fool! They are all fools! " Zhengde thumped his hand on the bedside and coughed violently for a long time before he said, "Uszang is separated from Wan Li Mountain. The imperial court has always been arrogant about it. Even if a second-rate official is set up, no one is willing to go there, but it is just a dummy official title. Then it will die. It is not as good as the people there who believe in Buddhism. I have a good relationship with Tibetan monks and help each other. Uszang is my big bag. Today, Tibetan monks are going to this place, even if they will fall to the side of Mongolian Tatars in the future, Yang Tinghe and Yang Tinghe!"
His chest fluctuated violently, and his mouth was full of blood. Liu Wuer was busy. He wiped away the blood and took a few pills of Dan medicine. Zhengde shook his head after taking the medicine every time.
"Without me, I’m afraid I’m going to see my father. Since I began to reign, I’ve come to the north to attack the dust of the Tatars, Nanding Ningfanyu, and I’m sorry that the only thing I’m sorry for is that you didn’t give you a birthright until now. What should you do after I die? Aifei, will you accompany me? "
Chapter five hundred and ten Who belongs to the group of dragons, Jiangshan ()
Zhengde eyes with a morbid burning tightly staring at Liu Wuer Liu Wuer paused and smiled. "When we are husband and wife, we should live and die together. Long live you. It is natural to live a long life and live forever. I am old, and I may not be favored in a few years, so it is better to die while there is still some beauty in it, so that you can somehow remember my name in your heart. It is not advisable to see blood in the palace. I am both slaves. The menservants ordered that if you really have something, let them serve me. White silk ascended to heaven, but I heard that it is ugly to leave like that. You can remember my present appearance and get a face. You don’t recognize me. "
She grabbed Zhengde’s little hand, and his hand felt gently as if it were a lover coquetry. After hearing what she said, Zhengde’s eyes softened and even his breathing became smooth for a few minutes.
"Five son you are so silly I just say a joke with you, how did you when the true? I can’t get through this time, but I want you to live well and don’t commit suicide, otherwise it’s a rebellion! I won’t meet you even in Jiuquan, do you hear? "
"If you don’t listen to me, I won’t listen. I just want to live and die with you." Liu Wuer snuggled up to Zhengde and sprinkled jiao. "If you want me to live more, get better quickly. If you live forever, I won’t die. How nice?"
"Fool, I want to die again. I still want to unify the whole world, and I want to take my soldiers to the Buddha machine. How can you add a few red sisters? But I even can’t see that day. If Nanjing urges me to drive and preside over the sacrifice to heaven, how can those civil servants be safe? I acceded to the throne to reset the West Factory, and set up a factory to supervise the collection of taxes by officials in Jiangnan. I want to collect the taxes owed by Susong from Yangzhou Salt Department, and I want to reward the military officials for their kindness and make the civil and military scholars equal. Which thing is not a taboo for literati? I have four foreign military officers who dare not do so, but this incident has given them a great opportunity, a chance to replace the perverse and bad king and welcome a virtuous and sage king. "
After breathing for a while, he added, "Mother hasn’t come yet? I can think of so many things in the imperial court, and I have to draw up the articles of association, so I can’t treat my mother on her behalf, so how can I come to see me when I can’t? Love princess, can you guess whether the mother has given up on me? Which captaincy does she prefer now? Is it Yi Wang, Xing Wang or Shu Wang? "
"Long live!" Tears flow in Liu Wuer’s eyes, holding Zhengde’s hand and saying, "Long live, don’t think like this. You will be fine if Ji Ren has the help of the heavenly lark. When you have it, the queen mother will definitely come to see you. Are you mothers and relatives? What kind of ceremony will you sacrifice to heaven like you think? Let’s not go. Whoever loves to host you will stay in the Qing Dynasty for illness. Whoever dares to force you to host will kill his head! "

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