Just now, although I didn’t open my eyes, I felt that this plum tree was really an ordinary fairy tree.

The fluctuation of the fairy tree became more and more violent.
The eye of the sky is speckled with fragments like crystal snowflakes floating out of the snow in Fiona Fang for more than ten miles
Soul fragments!
The smell of Baiyun Tower is very familiar, but before it was awakened by the fluctuation of plum trees, these fragments were no different from ordinary snowflakes. No wonder the elder sister Qingchi didn’t even notice it.
These snowflake fragments did not directly sink into the plum blossom tree, but all merged into the Kunlun order in the palm of Ziyan’s hand.
Ziyan raised my hand and gently threw Kunlun to make it hang in the air, absorbing these glittering and translucent snowflake-like pieces.
As the last snowflake disappeared into Kunlun, a bright white awn bloomed.
A dazzling crystal appeared in the order of jade and ice clearing Kunlun
It’s not like a wave, but it’s a bit like Kunlun Chengzhong to Xianjia.
Just a moment’s hesitation, Ziyan stretched out her fingers and pointed to Kunlun to make a little bit of the true spirit suddenly emerge into a white streamer and escape into the plum tree not far away.
Just now, the Kunlun order has changed its appearance, which is not only clear for a few minutes, but also gives a colorful fairy light.
When the three were amazed, the plum blossom tree seemed to have spirituality, and the branches of the tree trembled.
A cloud rose in the’ Teng’ land, and the huge plum tree dissipated, showing an old man with a fairy wind and a strong spirit.
Plum blossom trees have emerged!
The old man wore a brown fairy robe with a small piece of plum blossom branches inserted obliquely in his hair bun.
The waist and back are slightly bent, and holding a plum blossom stick is full of extraordinary momentum.
This just a taxiing breath stunningly Baiyun Tower felt a strong sense of oppression, but the sense of oppression disappeared with a flash of fairy light in front of him.
It turned out that Xia Chaoyang’s protective fairy light was spread by the imposing manner and directly covered the white head.
However, the old man’s breath was put away immediately, and he was not in a hurry to look at the three men first.
It seems to be an eyesore to look at the snow, ice and fairy soil that have been planed in a mess.
The old man frowned slightly and gave the plum blossom staff a gentle meal. The fairy soil and the ice and snow returned to their respective places and returned to a neat snow surface, which was satisfactory and nodded.
"Laozhang …" It seems that I’ve been used to miraculous things recently, and Xia Chaoyang, next to the teacher elder sister Qingchi, salutes directly with confidence.
"Little old son ….." The old man who spoke the plum tree taxiing looked up and couldn’t help but blink and almost kneel.
However, after careful identification, I realized that I was dazzled and worried, and I quickly returned the gift with my staff.
Before the three of them could react, the taxiing old man had already recited "Visit the Little Master" and stood still and made a gift.
But ZiYan flicker to avoid not being worshipped by the tree fairy.
It seems that it’s one of our own again. The Baiyun Tower was carefully induced and then sword domain’s nine-handled spirit sword was hidden again.
"Laozhang needs to pay attention … the younger generation is the master of the Kunlun outer gate, but it is not the master of the Kunlun celestial world." Ziyan replied indifferently.
When the old man got up, he didn’t insist on saluting, but said, "The young master used to be the master of the outer gate, but now he has become the master of this Kunlun celestial world."
Seeing Ziyan’s puzzled face, the old man went on to say, "If you don’t believe me, you can find out the Kunlun Order in one hand."
Ziyan smell speech looked at the palm of the Kunlun Mountain, which was full of five-color glow, and made it feel like a spirit. Find out the massive information and get into the mind.
Seeing Sister Ziyan stupidly, Xia Chaoyang read to the master elder brother and asked, "Is Sister Ziyan all right?"
"It should be the real bearing of Kunlun celestial body" said Baiyun Building.
"Brother, this plum blossom tree fairy seems to know me, although I didn’t see it. The mind is secretly watching it." Xia Chaoyang read aloud sadly.
"School sister can even sense this?"
"That’s brother forgot my magical powers. If trees and flowers are all eyes and ears of school sister, even if this plum blossom tree is shaped, hey hey …" It’s a little proud to read Xia Chaoyang.
Just a moment’s thought about Baiyun Tower’s heart is clear, and I just saw this tree fairy’s abnormal reaction. It seems that this tree fairy should have seen the empress of Xianting.
Read in the Baiyun Tower and read back to the school sister. "Maybe the school sister looks like the fairy in the fairy court. This tree fairy should have seen the statue. Maybe you were regarded as the fairy just now."
"Fairy? Is that in the jade slips? … "
"The fairy is very severe? Do you look like a school sister? But the fairy face still can’t remember. "
Looking at Xia Shimei’s curiosity, the corners of the mouth of Baiyun Building are curved and the fairy facts need to be kept from Xiao Chaoyang.
Sensing that pool Ziyan’s breath has gradually stabilized, Baiyun Tower softly read, "Chaoyang will tell you in detail. Pool Ziyan will wake up soon. Let’s talk about this plum blossom tree fairy first."
Zhao-yang Xia quickly nodded and turned to look at the teacher elder sister Ziyan.
Sure enough, a moment later, Ziyan’s breath must have slowly opened his eyes, and the vicissitudes of life came out, but the vicissitudes of life were fleeting
The mind is really strong, even after watching the changes of the sea over the years, it is difficult to shake the mind.
"Little master …"
Ziyan raised her hand to stop the plum blossom tree fairy stopped and said indifferently, "I know everything about Kunlun, and I need to call my little Taoist friend to be commensurate in the future …"
Without waiting for the fairy tree to blossom, he went on to say, "This Kunlun order … I’ll be in charge for a while, but it’s ok for the West Kunlun master to do it …"
Upon hearing this, the tree fairy was greatly relieved.
Ignoring the tree fairy’s reaction, Yan Yan Shen continued, "Since Zun is the Lord of the West Kunlun, you have to act according to the rules."
"This is, of course, this friend …"
Just a thoughtfully Ziyan nods, "Mei Lao’s famous position Mei Weng will be commensurate with Mei Lao or Xian Weng in the future."
Chapter six hundred and forty Kunlun
Mei Weng quickly replied, "The word" immortal "does not dare to call worthless old man with low qualifications …"
"There is a time when I can’t break into Xiandao in Kunlun. Only you can hold up the scene if you have to be called Xianweng."
After a brief meal, Yan Yan went on to say, "The Yaochi Wonderland is the castle in the palm palace that can be called Yaochi Palace."
"In the future, Xianweng will call the temple master, and the name of the temple master, Jinghu, will be the temple master."
"Jinghu … Palace Master Worthless Remember" Mei Weng slightly pondered or should be the first instruction of the Palace Master.
Mei Weng hesitated a little or said doubtfully, "The old palace master vaguely remembers the word Jinghu, which seems to be entrusted by the elder, but this time he woke up and forgot what he entrusted."
After a moment’s reflection, Yan Yan said, "The Jinghu Lake is the palace master’s retreat. Now, all the past events that have passed for more than 3,000 years have long been changed, and it is necessary to be too entangled."
"The old man knows," Mei Weng responded.
"Sister Ziyan is so powerful and powerful that she really became the master of Jinghu Palace today. Hey hey …" Xia Chaoyang read to the master elder brother enviously.
Baiyun Tower smiled and was deeply touched. In the past, a joke was made, and my younger sister kept in mind.
Yaochi wonderland is wonderful and extraordinary, and it is also more important than the word "mirror lake"
"Little Chaoyang East China Sea has also conquered several demon families, so the whole East China Sea is also a school sister’s territory." Baiyun Tower read to Xia School sister.
"It seems that the whole East China Sea demon family together seems to be no match for the fairy Weng in Kunlun …"
Baiyunlou was about to reply when she heard Xia Shimei read "But Sister Ziyan is a brother and we are lovers. This fairy is one of our own."
Bai Dazhao’s mind figured out that Oriental Ziyan seems to have sensed that the two of them are reading each other, so he pulled up Xia’s younger sister’s hand and turned to Mei Weng and ordered, "One thing, please remember that this is the Taoist couple of the palace master, and what she said is just like what the palace master said."
"Old man obeys the immortal order of the palace master", Mei Weng replied without hesitation.

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