"If the elder brother of the water is early."

"How did you get out of Brother Xuan Xuan’s room?"
"What did you go to see Brother Xuan Xuan early in the morning?"
Fang wants to rub his head and look at his face. He has long been petrified and kept a running posture. If the water is like a curious baby, he asks.
If the water takes a deep breath and then the neck turns stiffly like an active one.
"I …"
Was about to speak bare door has been opened.
"Ah? Fang wants to be like water? You both get up so early. I’ll make breakfast for you. "
With that, he went to the kitchen humming a ditty.
At this time, if the water face is already covered with black lines.
The whole person can’t say injustice.
Especially ….. Party want to or that a pair of suspicious eyes when this injustice is more intense.
Soon he cooked a table of delicious food and Han Xuanxuan seemed to smell delicious food. He generally came out of his room with a refreshing face. After all, he married Shang Tang yesterday. Now he has a family. Looking at the table, he thought that the three of them smiled and said hello.
Then I went to the kitchen, where was the bowl chopsticks and walked to the table.
"eh? Why are you so sad if you are in water? "
If Han Xuanxuan looked at the water with a hard face, he couldn’t help asking.
If the water "…"
It is also this time that Fang wants to answer for Ruoshui.
"Oh, Brother Xuan Xuan, I think Brother Ruoshui went to your room early this morning, but when I asked him what he did, he wouldn’t tell me if you two had any secrets?"
Han Xuanxuan’s chopsticks almost fell to the ground. He took a look at Ruoshui and found that Ruoshui delivered a nai look to himself.
At this time, the light is like discovering a new continent.
"Ah? Brother Xuan, did you sleep with Ruoshui yesterday? "
When I heard the light, I pretended not to hear anything. If the water directly spit out the food in my mouth.
"Ahem-that I I just choked on pepper"
If the water pulls a calf
"But I didn’t put pepper …"
Looking at the table with a frown, there is no pepper in several dishes.
It is also this time that Han Xuanxuan pretended to be calm and said
"Oh, well, if Shuishui came to ask me a question early today, it was an academic question, and then I discussed it with him. Maybe Fang Xiang ran into me when I went out."
"By the way, I just want to ask you how things are going with Jingwu Tianshen. Are you sure?"
Hear Han Xuanxuan party want to can’t help but and bare glances.
Learn … academic problems?
It seems that the word academic has nothing to do with Han Xuanxuan, right?
However, Fang wants to avoid this problem for too long. Maybe two people really have something? Anyway, he doesn’t believe that Han Xuanxuan and Ruoshui can have anything improper. When he hears Han Xuanxuan asking himself, he wants to think a little and then his tone is indifferent
"Oh, the teams with the strongest Jingwutian myth should be Shaoxing Lanting, Gulangyu and Zhuangyuanfang, and the most eye-catching teams should be those of arry and sk."
If you want to analyze the water, Han Xuanxuan didn’t even nod his head.
This is the basic pattern of the elite world of Fantasy Westward Journey. No matter before or now, Suk may add Lingyin Temple and Taizhou Bay to their hegemonic areas, but from the point of view, the strongest strength should be said to be Shaoxing Lanting and Gulangyu, and these areas have always been very strong areas in Fantasy Westward Journey.
Gulangyu’s joining Xie Wang, the official residence of Datang, is also known as the first elite official residence of Datang after the end of the curtain, and before that, he spent more than 20,000 yuan bg’s face was angry for a second, and then he found the anchor in the room to pat himself bb, which was also the whole dream world.
Although the so-called eye-dreaming westward journey is not as popular as Suk’s old urk, it is still very difficult to get something easily.
After all, no opponent is weak! Their hardware is also second to none for everyone to take out!
It is also this time that Han Xuanxuan and others heard Fang Xiang’s unscrupulous words ringing in his ears.
"Oh, I met arry when I was in the elite cup. The hardware seems to be ok, but the command technology is a bit stingy."
"At that time, I could reach the final with that hardware. I think there should be no problem with everyone."

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