In the end, the method roared through the sky, and the rune of the 100-day plough appeared, which made the method concentrate on the magic and emerge in the virtual space side by side like a black Da Yue terror edge.

The chanting sounds of a hundred gods and demons transcend everything and merge into one avenue. Hong Tao sweeps across ancient and modern times, such as Huang Zhong Da Lu, such as Buddhism, Zen singing, such as ancient gods chanting, such as fallen immortals praying, such as sacrifice for all beings.
In the end, these gods and demons Hwa-Sung Do changed Li Yu’s appearance, flesh and blood, illusory spirit and body back and forth, and each of them entered a heavenly palace world, which divided the highest heaven into thirty-six palaces, the earth and the earth, and seventy-two palaces, and each of them held its own method.
"The third step of Tiangong finally tied the repair."
He took a deep breath and moved the obtained liquid and the ancient tea spring of enlightenment. When he was promoted, the grain rose rapidly.
In this situation, the giant Zuntianlu claims to be able to reach heaven and earth, and the three contracts of Yin and Yang have become magical powers in the derivative field.
Just as the big pools on the road that day gave the general giants a handle, they can derive a piece of their own domain, and the law of dominating the heavens and the earth is that the domain is overwhelming.
"A secluded place drives the gods to hide the sun. Since ancient times, the triple chains have become more and more mysterious. This is more and more like avatar practice. Is this the real treasure left by Terran sages?
The limit of every environment is a natural magic? "
Li Yu’s understanding of Terran Law suddenly discovered such an important point, which is the true meaning of extreme practice in all realms, not only to enhance the combat power and go further in the future; More importantly, this is the essence of the Terran sages!
Each layer of shackles is a magical skill, which will go far beyond other ethnic groups if it can get through!
"No wonder the sages of Terran have said since ancient times that if they can dig out the true meaning of the realm, the top ten tribes of Terran are also unfathomable, but they can dig out all the magical powers. Those who have achieved little are not great magical powers!"
He suddenly understood the truth in a corner, and felt that this method was mysterious and vast, and it was a road leading to heaven; However, some of the changes in the middle school are related to what he knows about the highest day, and maybe it is involved in it.
The so-called seclusion drives the gods, that is, entering the realm where gods meet, arresting souls in the supernatural powers, hades and hell, seeing through the illusion, and no longer limiting their own body and dharma, can also enlighten the heavens and the earth and urge all souls to become gods or dharma masters.
Covering the sun in the hutian is the further evolution of the field, or the abode of fairies and immortals can be held in the palm of the great world of Gankun in the sleeve of mustard; Those who hide the sun can confuse the secret and cover themselves up in all kinds of chaos.
Since ancient times, Sifang has been an alternative interpretation of the universe, and it has been the sublimation direction of Tiangong in the field of cosmic harmony since ancient times.
The triple shackles are all broken, and the ancestral boundary method and the heaven covering method are completely flush, reaching a delicate balance point.
Li Yu’s eyebrows rushed out of a piece of rune, and the hazy seven-killing fields around him merged and evolved into an ancient universe with the rotation of the sun, the moon and the stars, chaos and surging, concrete and micro-real world.
Trance heard the gods and demons roar for nine days and ten places to worship!
For him, this is a kind of transformation, a kind of sublimation, and the sight of tempering oneself with all kinds of classics is amazing.
I don’t know the past and the future of this world. Who can say it often? If the world ends up in another big universe, is this order still appropriate?
Therefore, only being invulnerable is the root and the sublimation direction he pursues.
For a moment, the fairy lotus swayed, and his figure disappeared from chaos and reappeared in the ancestral realm.
It’s been several months since I was familiar with the reappearance of the island, but nothing has changed. A warrior and overlord crouched in the island and tried to refine his heavenly dharma to seek further progress.
The sea of the dead lifted up his eyes and saw a muddy sky, and the Kuroshio surged, which could strike the sky and roll the earth.
Every time the tide rises and falls, there will be a strange sound like amityville horror from the waves. This is also the origin of the name of the Dead Sea. In the past years, it was a terrible ancient battlefield, and it was beyond the king’s fall
"Only in this state can we understand the mystery of this sea."
Li Yuzhen is the highest level of Heavenly King, and he has all kinds of qualifications to decide matters concerning Heavenly Road. If his strength is revealed, he will become a big player.
He looked into the depths of the sea of the dead, which seemed to be a bottomless abyss. Even the heavenly kings came to explore the deepest part of the sea of the dead.
At this time, the whole world in the field of vision was very different. Li Yu saw that there was a big hole leaking blood that day. He saw that the distant mountains were bleeding and the earth was broken.
I saw the peace, and behind it was the wailing of all souls. I saw the picturesque scenery, and behind it was broken walls. This is not the same as when he saw the world in his normal state. It seems that he saw this part on weekdays.
Now, he can be compared with the king, and he has the power to kill the saints before he really sees the corner of the cruel road.
Bear! For a moment, the king’s blood gas surged violently, and it seemed that there was a regional wave spreading outward, and the virtual reality was violently distorted and collapsed.
And the blood transpired, and an ancient bloody star rose from his natural spirit. The sound of war was overwhelming in the south, and then it turned into a storm, sweeping the heavens and the earth, eclipsing the sun and the moon, like a hurricane sweeping across the sea.
In an instant, the whole sea of dead souls was stirred up, causing waves. The strong people exclaimed and recovered, and felt a sense of oppression, like a statue of a god returning to dominate heaven and earth!
"giant! How can there be a Tianlu giant in this offshore area! "
There are creatures that shock the wave, and the laws of heaven and earth resonate, and there is a unique field where the wave is lingering, such as the arrival of the ancient battlefield, and the gods and demons roar and the immortals compete for supremacy.
"It’s not the general giants. It’s definitely the situation that will hit the realm of kings. How can such a strong man suddenly appear in the open sea!"
Terran hegemons are also amazed. Shouldn’t all these powerful people go to the depths of the sea to explore the real secrets? Will wander the open sea

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